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Sapphique (English version)

Inside. Outside.
All seeking freedom.
Like Sapphique.

I've just noticed that there ara somre readers from USA, UK, Germany, Russia and Spain. Thank you all! So, I've decided to translate my last critic passage about Sapphique to Turkish.

Here we go...

A fantasy book which gets 3.7/5 points on Goodreads and 7.7/10 points on Vikitap. Sapphique... The story of a mysterious man who escape from Incarceron.

I really really love the story with the fisrt book Incarceron. I read Sapphique too with the same excitement and curiosity. When I've just read the first quarter of book with the detail I came across about Finn and kingdom, I said "come oon, If Fisher has a humanbeing imagination, so what I have ?"

Keep reading book's sheets which more action, there is another big suprise: I learned the answer the question make me wonder all along, where is the Incarceron?

Finn could escape the prison and I'm thinking would he save Keiro and Attia as exactly he promised. But with the new facts about the Incarceron everythinh changes ( If I give more spoilers, my life would be in danger, so I zipped it :D)

As if the hole action is not enough, something strange happened in Diyar (I don't know the original name). I really kicked one's heels to not give an eye to the end of book. But I don't, I resist :D In the final 100 pages, it becomes more and more interesting. Actually, one of my favourite thing of reading books, you can imagine better than the most successful directors. You can make your film in your imaginations. So there are some perfect scenes in my mind too. 

At the final it happened amazing things in Diyar. And incarceron, omg ! I think the author wrote and awesome final. I get really used to Finn, Attia and even Keiro.

My book rate is 9 points.

In my opinion, one or two books too can be written by that story. I hope, Catherine Fisher is agree with me and already started to write 3rd book and adapted to film.

Btw, I said I would search if there any other book of Fisher. Yes, there is! With "another perfect fantasy book by Fisher" comments, THE ORACLE BETRAYED (Actually, there are more books written by Fisher but just this one translated Turkish.). I immediately get the book and read!

Until buy that book, keep reading with my next book: Another fantasy by Rachel Hartman, Seraphina.

Have nice readings. Bye...

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